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Variety of Opportunities

Mission & Vision

Energizing Communities & Empowering People

Our startup studio is launching from Chicago, IL with a portfolio of ideas that will energize communities and empower people on a hyper local level.

With diversified teams and a vesting equity framework, we can scale more efficiently. Our long term goal is to have a solid presence in the U.S. market and international joint venture partnerships.

Seeking Co-Founders

Multiple Team Opportunities Available

We are currently recruiting co-founders for multiple team roles. Areas of focus include strategy, marketing, technology, finance and legal/hr.

  • Engineers – develop/fix/build
  • Conductors – systems monitoring & setup
  • Operations – implementing strategy


Vesting Equity, Multiple Projects, Scale Your Skills

C-Level Executives

Regional Managers



What We Offer

An investment in a startup studio is a way to diversify your capital and reduce risk due to our portfolio approach. By assembling a talented team that can rapidly prototype and test new ideas, our ecosystem brings investors another channel to explore alternative investments. We have multiple opportunities to invest with simple convertible equity notes, starting at $25k.


Two Delaware C Corporations
Five Trademarks
Clickable Prototypes



Revenue Models

Saas Subscriptions
Membership Fees
Freemium Apps

Market Size

  • U.S. Expansion Plan
  • International Joint Ventures

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